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Frequently asked questions

  • WordPress themes

  • HTML templates

  • Payment

  • Marketplaces

  • Can I install the theme on my hosted site?

    Our themes are mainly designed for However, you can install it onto a site, but you would need to have a business plan account.

  • What's the difference between and is a hosting service that offers a fully managed WordPress experience and is the self-hosted version of WordPress. We have a more detailed explanation of the differences between them here.

  • How do I get started with a WordPress site?

    The first step in creating a WordPress site is to choose a hosting provider. This can either be with a managed WordPress service like or with a self-hosted service using A list of recommended web hosts to get started with WordPress can be found here.

  • When I try to install the theme, I receive an error regarding "stylesheet.css".

    This error means that you’re trying to install the wrong zip file into WordPress. You need to look in the zip file that you’ve downloaded and install the inner theme zip file.

  • Can I use one of these themes with Shopify?

    Our themes will not work with Shopify.

  • Does an HTML template work with WordPress?

    No, an HTML template won’t work with WordPress or any other CMS by default. However, you could take the template and add the code required.

  • What payment processor do you use?

    We use Paddle to handle the transaction when you purchase through our own website,

  • What payment types do you accept?

    You can pay using a number of different methods including:

    • Mastercard
    • Visa
    • Maestro
    • American Express
    • Discover
    • Diners Club
    • JCB
    • PayPal
    • Apple Pay*

    *The Apple Pay option will only appear at checkout for customers using the Safari browser with Apple Pay set up on their device.

  • How will the order be fulfilled?

    After purchase, an email will be send to you with a link to download the theme.

  • What will I see on my statement?

    The payment will appear on your statement as: PADDLE.NET* LUCIDTHEME

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Due to the nature of the items that we offer, downloadable digital content, we generally do not offer a refund for any purchase that is made unless a valid reason is given or required to by law. We will not provide refunds for any of the following situations:

    • You purchased an item but now no longer want it.
    • You purchased the item by mistake
    • You do not possess the skills required to use the item you have purchased.
    • The item is no longer accessible because it has been taken off of the website.
  • Are the themes/templates that you sell on each marketplace the same?

    We sell our themes on multiple different marketplaces, but the theme/template you receive is exactly the same.